Meet the Splash Organizing Team!


    Angela KotShaina LucasTeanna ByertsPhyl Campbell are the organizers of SPLASH! Mermaid and Pirate Book Carnival. Learn a little more about each of them below:

Angela Kot 

I am the president of Autism at Face Value a 501c3 nonprofit, coauthor and publisher of Face Value Comics. Our comics feature the world's first hero with autism. 
Most people will associate me with the comics which is good since it also has its place in our local community comic shops. Shop local! I am passionate about neurodiversity acceptance, advocacy, and education. 


Shaina Lucas 

I’m an author, cosplayer, and gaming streamer. As an actress and director, I have worked with Weary Arts Group, Trick R Treaters, and Open Stage of Harrisburg. I've also been in commercials in Maryland and am contracted for various gigs with the Enchanted Teapot. However, acting isn't my focus at present.


Most people who know me know that my historical pirate romance novel, The Black Rogue, is published under the pen name Ashley Brion. My day job is working as a Production Editor for a local publishing company. 


Teanna Byerts

I'm an artist, a mermaid, a photographer, an author, and someone who constantly seeks adventure. I maintain a good relationship with my playful, childish side and encourage others to loosen up and GO PLAY.


I provided illustrations for Nancy Springer's Stardark Songs (published by W Paul Ganley) along with many science fiction and fantasy magazine and convention program covers. My mural work adorns Nixon Park, while the Rocky Ridge Christmas Magic Display is full of my designs and hard work. I enjoy any opportunity to teach young people about art, conservation, mermaiding, sailing, and all forms of outdoor PLAY. My book about mermaiding, Grandma Swordwhale's Mermaid Book, is coming soon!

Phyl Campbell


I'm Author, Mother, Dreamer. I'm the author of over 20 books on Amazon, including Martha's Chickens and the Pirates and the Mermaid's Revenge series, which includes three books for middle grade (4th-8th) readers, two blank books, and a coloring book. I'm the biological mother of one, and mother many, many more -- including helping birth over 50 books from ideation to publication from authors as young as six. I have over 20 years teaching experience. I'm a game designer (Mermaid's Revenge and Magic Bluff). Everything I do teaches something. Every lesson that I teach fulfils a dream.


I’ve long believed that art is necessary and every artist should be paid with money, not exposure. But until recently, I didn’t know how to go about manifesting this dream into some kind of reality. I’m still learning how to ask for and accept help in the pursuit of these dreams that are so much bigger than I am. When I asked for help with this event, the three ladies above stepped up to answer the call.


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