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 Huzzah! Splash! Book Carnival has a new website! Go there to find information about our venue, Beautiful Brookside Park Or find out about our activities Or show your artistry , including your illustrations or cosplay abilities Or become a vendor Or donate books Or become a sponsor  

Splash! Book Carnival

Teanna made this wonderful flyer for our event. Isn't it AWESOME? She has outdone herself!! 

Welcome to Splash!


What is a Book Carnival?

   A book carnival may bring about many different ideas to many different people. We're all unique, so that's OK. What WE (the SPLASH! Organizing Team) mean when we say book carnival is a kid-immersive event with a book theme.  Did you ever have fund-raiser carnivals at your school? Like that. Have you ever been to a Ren Faire with cosplayers making you feel like you had stepped back in time? Like that. Loads of Ways to Play  at SPLASH! Auditions, Cosplay, Reader’s Theatre, Music, and Dance Play Games with Mermaids and Pirates Mermaid and Pirate Training, Makeovers, and Photo Ops Face Painting, Henna, Caricatures, Live Art Demos Painting, Sculpting, and More Art Conservation Activities Lots and lots to READ!! Special performers will become living characters from the organizers’ books and stories! We can turn you (or your teddy bear) into a pirate or mermaid! Ever wanted to put on a mermaid tail sack and race? We can do that.  Do you dream of searching for treasur

Splash Book Carnival -- Sponsorship Opportunities

  Splash! a Pirate and Mermaid Book Carnival June 18, 2022, Brookside Park in Dover, PA, we will hold a community-wide carnival attracting attention to local authors, artists, and other creators of art related to aquatic reality & fantasy. Sponsorship Opportunities To discuss sponsorship opportunities, please contact Phyl Campbell at Sponsorship Perks Activity* Sponsor $250 Live Entertainment Sponsor $500 Presenting Sponsor $1000 Logo/Link on Event Website, event signage, and promo ü ü ü Reserved front row entertainment seating   ü ü Featured Blog Post on Event Website & FB page     ü   *Sponsors may choose to sponsor a single event or a specific live cosplay performer.    Splash! Organizing Team and Special Authors ·        Author and Publisher Phyl Campbell created both M

Calling All Cosplayers! Casting Call / Scavenger Hunt Cards

Sponsors may choose to direct their contributions toward one of these live performers! Hired cosplayers will hold collectible cards to give scavenger hunters who find them during SPLASH. (Players may only need _____ of the total cards to “win,” or there may be levels of winning.) Martha's Chickens and the Pirates by Phyl Campbell Picture book for children (fiction) Martha -- grandma/farmer's wife/widow Captain  -- picky eater, pirate Optional -- extra pirates, chickens, cows, pigs, neighbors Face Value Comics by Angela Kot Comics for all ages Michael aka The Zephyr  T.E.S.S. Cassiopeia Xenakis Dr. Mobius Duchenne 2,1,&3 4. 5. Black Rogue by Ashley Brion aka Shaina Lucas Pirate Romance novel for adults Dauphine Tryniti Brooke de Lauront/The Black Rogue (main female lead, most feared pirate on the seven seas, future Queen of France) -- Shaina will fill this role herself. Captain Sean Reilly (main male lead, love interest of Tryniti, merchant sea captain) Piazzo Dimont

Meet the Splash Organizing Team!

       Angela Kot ,  Shaina Lucas ,  Teanna Byerts ,  Phyl Campbell  are the organizers of SPLASH! Mermaid and Pirate Book Carnival. Learn a little more about each of them below: Angela Kot  I am the president of Autism at Face Value a 501c3 nonprofit, coauthor and publisher of Face Value Comics . Our comics feature the world's first hero with autism.  Most people will associate me with the comics which is good since it also has its place in our local community comic shops. Shop local! I am passionate about neurodiversity acceptance, advocacy, and education.    Shaina Lucas  I’m an author, cosplayer, and gaming streamer. As an actress and director, I have worked with  Weary Arts Group, Trick R Treaters, and Open Stage of Harrisburg. I've also been in commercials in Maryland and am contracted for various gigs with the Enchanted Teapot. However,   acting isn't my focus at present.   Most people who know me know that my historical pirate romance novel, The Black Rog